Where Are The Best Places In The World To Swim In Open Water? 

Where Are The Best Places In The World To Swim In Open Water? 

Kailua-Kona Bay – Kona, Hawaii 

Kona is home to the Ironman World Championships. As you swim from end to end in the crystal-clear water of the racetrack it’ll feel as if you were swimming in an aquarium so surrounded by tropical fish, coral reefs, and turtles as you’ll be.  

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Santa Monica Beach – Santa Monica, California  

A suitably positioned beach, with Tower 26 as its pivotal point for triathletes, open water swimmers, and fitness enthusiasts in the Los Angeles area. Crowds, minor and huge, prearranged and unceremonious, competitive and simple, train for triathlons and ocean swims along the extensive span of sand that proposes streams, waves, and superficial chop on most midafternoons. 


Manly Beach – Australia 

Cole Classic is a swim in the ocean is one or two kilometers (0.6 or 1.2 miles.) The race is now one of the most anticipated community events in Sydney and has grown to be a physical and mental test for the contestants as they battle the varying natural conditions and push themselves to the limit to conclude this exciting experience. 

Waikiki Bay – Waikiki, Hawaii 

This swim in Waikiki on the beautiful south coast of Oahu in Honolulu begins beneath the Diamond Head volcano. People then swim across Waikiki Bay above coral reefs to grasp the end at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The expanse is just about 2.5 miles.  


Barton Springs Pool – Austin, Texas 

In the interior of Zilker Park’s 358 acres lies one of Austin’s treasures: Barton Springs Pool. The pool is three acres and enclosed by century-old pecan trees. Pavement has been supplemented to the banks to shape even sides of this 1,000-foot by 125-foot swimming pool, turning it into the largest natural swimming pool in the United States situated inside an urban area. 

The pool is nourished by underground fountains that pump a typical 32 million gallons of water per day. It feels like a hybrid of a small lake and a pool, so you get the best of both worlds. 

Thetis Lake – Victoria, Canada  

Thetis Lake has performed as an exercise field for a lot of the world’s best triathletes, with Peter Reid, Lori Bowden, Simon Whitfield, and Melanie McQuaid. It is located in a local park that encircles beyond 150 acres of lakes, forests, and hilltops, and is just seven miles from the Victoria city center. The lake is not open to motorboats though, so it remains clean and calm for the swimmers.  

If you are looking for a longer work out you can try your way up a constricted channel beneath a tiny bridge to discover Upper Thetis, where you will most likely have the whole lake to yourself and will be able to get to remote beaches.  

La Jolla Cove – California 

A little beach inside the San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park, a maritime shelter area where a fervent society of open water swimmers, channel swimmers, and adventure swimmers of every age, aptitude, and training get together year-round. Competitive events have been led since 1916 together with several experiences supported and planned by the La Jolla Cove Swim Club. 

Main Beach – Noosa, Australia  

Noosa is a scenic resort city on the Sunshine Coast less than two hours afar from Brisbane by car. Apart from its well-known surfing festivals, the Noosa Triathlon is amongst its most famous sports events, and it’s part of the ones that provide the town with such a celebrated name. If you head down for the beach on Wednesday morning – say, around 5:15 a.m. – you’ll meet with quite a mixed group of more than 50 swimmers assembled, between them there’ll be surf lifesavers, kids, and age-group triathletes. They’re all there to make an illustrious open water workout run by the likewise famous surf life-saving coach, Max Pettigrove, and he wraps it all from how to body surf a wave into shore to how to move frontward when a wave comes at you like a wall.  

The workout itself involves multiple swim loops on a buoy-marked road and straight swims along the shore between markers.  

Lake Gérardmer – Gérardmer, France 

Gérardmer has the entire file for triathletes and there is a very well advanced triathlon race series in the area (2008 European Long-Distance Triathlon Championships.) The splendor and cycling-friendly land drew the Tour de France in 2005, so be sure to take your bike along, as you’ll be lured to travel the nearby spaces. 

From time to time, it gets difficult to focus on the swim with so much beauty around.  

Lake Travis – Austin, Texas 

One of the wonderful lakes in the middle of the rolling hills of Texas where the open water swimming and triathlon groups come together for year-round rehearsal sessions, health centers, long-distance relays, community events, and competitive matches, counting high school and academic championships, that are funded and prearranged by the American Swimming Association. 

If you know of other great places to go for a fun swim let us know and we can add to the list.  We are always looking for other great places to visit and swim.   Before you leave we ask you also visit our sponsor, Debt Collection Agency.

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