LeBron James Feels The Love In This Sensational Return To Cleveland

LeBron James Feels The Love In This Sensational Return To Cleveland

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LeBron James was a happy man after leaving Quicken Loans Arena and returned to his former club Cleveland. In his first sensational game after his return, he scored 32 points with seven assists in the 109 – 105 all-important victory against the Cavaliers for the Lakers.

A tribute video was played in his honor by the club management with the fans according to him a well-deserved standing ovation’
James carried a milkshake from Swenson, one of his favorite joints for a burger when he was a kid in Akron.

James said banana shake filled with real milky ice cream was served by Swenson for the team’s postgame meal. Before the match, saw LeBron James visiting students at the Akron’s Promise School.

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He applauds the fans for showing him love for his 11 years stay in the Cleveland and also the rosy reception he received on his return to his former club. LeBron said he tried as much as possible to be the best player, leader and role model he can be on and off the floor by the example of the franchise. He further praised his fans for showing their appreciation not only to himself but for his family and friends at the game he played in the night of his sensational return.

Following Cleveland’s all-important victory, the team is now 2-14 and bound for the lottery. This is exactly what should be happening; rebuilding by the draft using the young players on the roster.

Though not enough points yet to compete for the Western Conference Championship this coming season they are on the right track.

The Lakers have won eight of their last 10 games and are close behind the Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder, New Orleans Pelicans, Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings in the league table.

Golden State has lost four straight games for the first time in history after the Steve Kerr era while Memphis is comfortable atop the West standing.

Though the Lakers are far from winning the league, but they are currently doing better, and James making a return and finding his offense. He has scored 51, 44, 32 and 22 points in his last two games. On the average, he is 29.9 points, six assists, 7.3 rebounds and shooting 53.7% in his last 10 games.

Cleveland fans are highly gracious by having a forlorn feeling, and watching LeBron played just as they did. They understand his performance just as he was doing while he was with the team before moving out. They really missed him that’s while they happy to see him display again.

The way at which James was received by fans and the club was by far a better experience than eight years down the line when he first made a return to Cleveland with the Miami Heat. Fans were angry, and some even left Cleveland with profane behavior.

LeBron James sensation return to Cleveland is one of the thrilling current events in sports that get people talking. James told reporters the on Tuesday when he landed in Cleveland that he was feeling much more different than when returned to the Lakers from Miami. James received a long standing ovation the elated fans when he was brought in as s starter for the match. As his name called to be the public address announcer there was a mixture of excitement from the crowd of spectators.


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