Top Five Current Events In The USA At The Moment

Top Five Current Events In The USA At The Moment


America is undoubtedly the world’s biggest marketplace for entertainment, and big events are a norm. They are available throughout the year in nearly all the big industries like sports, showbiz, education etc. Also, these events come in all sizes.


However, most are on a smaller scale in contrast to a few big ones and we have a list of the top five current events in the USA.


This is an event that entire America celebrates in almost a similar fashion throughout the country. Thanksgiving is a holiday that happens on the fourth Thursday of November each year, and this year it was celebrated on the 22nd of November. Thanksgiving dinner is famously known for its iconic huge, roasted turkey and some other finely-prepared cuisine to enjoy it with the family.


The story behind this day is that back in the sixteenth century, it was difficult to get food during the harsh weather of winters. Therefore, the immigrants used to preserve food for such days and then consume it together with everyone. Thus, Thanksgiving promotes unity and love among the Americans.



US Open-Tennis

The US-Open is considered one of the four major Grand slam tournaments of the year. This year was a bit more special than a few past events as it was the 50th installment of the US-Open Championship.


The silver jubilee anniversary was celebrated with a great opening ceremony, and a lot of innovations were introduced into the tournament as a whole. Nevertheless, it was very painful to see the women’s final end up in a controversy between Serena Williams and the referee.


The 49th installment of the famous San Diego Comic-con took place in July earlier this year. This is one of the most awaited events of the country as it brings together all the superhero universes in the entertainment industry. You can find all your heroes and characters at that one place, and it also drops some really exciting content like trailer releases and other important announcements on recently released movies, cartoons, and comics etc.

This year, the trailer hints of the much awaited DC movies Shazam & Aquaman were dropped for the audiences, and fanatics are undoubtedly waiting with bated breath. The name Comic-con was patented this year so no one else can use this name for an event like this in the future.


Christmas is just around the corner. The 25th of December is a date that is celebrated by Christians all over the world, but we know that America consists of Jewish people too. They celebrate Hanukkah, so basically, the 25th of December is one of the most anticipated days of the year, and it sure makes it into one of the biggest events in the United States of America.

And for some, it crowns while for others, it marks the beginning of the festive season, and that is a big reason why people wait for this day.

A lot of events take place around the year, but these are the most prominent events of the USA that are globally known to the audiences.

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