Uncover The Top 5 Current Home Fence Technologies

Uncover The Top 5 Current Home Fence Technologies

Fence Technologies

The strides in current home fence technologies in recent years have changed the way in which we view fencing. Thanks to forward-thinking companies at the forefront of the industry, well-kept wooden fences can be maintained for even longer, and metal fences’ lifespan has been drastically improved thanks to new products.

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vinyl fence
The introduction of vinyl fencing technology has also changed the industry as we know it, providing good quality, low-cost alternatives to traditional wooden options.

Here are our favorite current fence technologies

Powder Coating Ensures Metal Fences Live Longer
Metal has long been considered the most trusty material from which you can build a strong fence. This is why prisons have been using metal, not wood, in their cells for hundreds of years. The problem with metal fencing is rust and wear and tear.

Powder coating is much stronger than paint as it uses an electrostatic charge to hold it in place and will last throughout the worst weather Mother Nature provides. The technology of powder coating can also be colored in the way you want, so there is an added bonus of a fresh paint finish with it.

Vinyl Fencing – The New Wood?

The development of vinyl fencing technology has revolutionized the fencing industry. For a low price, a vinyl fence will do the same job as its wooden counterpart, for a longer time. Vinyl is more resilient against the natural elements than wood and consistently lasts for a much longer period.

It is oblivious to wood’s demons – fire, fungus, dry rot, and termites. Vinyl takes no maintenance to keep it strong or colored over the years, so once it is set up, the fence will not cost you another dime. It even can be made to look very similar to wood when varnished, to stay in keeping with your garden’s theme!

Chain Link Fencing Can Be Prettier Than You Think
Ok, so it may not be some people’s first choice due to its industrial look. But chain link fencing is a very useful piece of fence technology that has been proven to withstand even the toughest of conditions.

Newer build chain link fences will be dipped in steel, providing them with an impressive amount of extra strength and rigidity. The new technology of chain link fences involves vinyl strips being added, and these can be colored to your pleasing. Gone are the days of a grey chain link fence, you can have it bright red if you want!

chainlink fence
Aluminum Slats – The Alternative To Timber?
Aluminum fencing is a popular choice as an alternative to wood. Although wood is cheaper to construct and build initially, the material is a natural one and is susceptible to rot, fungus and insects such as termites. Aluminum resists the effects of the elements.

It does not rust at all, no matter how much rain it comes into contact with over time. Using aluminum slats may be more expensive to buy and build with, but there are also no insects that can break it and the maintenance costs over time are virtually nonexistent.

Electric Fences
Originally built for animals control, the industry for electric fences has grown. The ultimate tech in home safety, an electric fence is a great way to keep out unwanted visitors or animals from your property. The development of the technology has ensured that nobody can be administered a lethal shock from the fence, but enough to give them a most uncomfortable sensation.

The visual appearance of an electric fence is already a psychological deterrent to a trespasser and the built-in alarm will further warn you if the fence has gone off.

Fence technology has come a long way from a little picket made of branches and twigs, and the industry is constantly improving. The advancements keep us safe and remove maintenance costs, but ultimately, the job of a fence has not changed for hundreds of years.


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