5 Lawn Care Industry Trends For 2019

5 Lawn Care Industry Trends For 2019

Lawn Care Trends

This is a new year and naturally, everyone is looking for new, exciting and innovative ways to care for their lawns. Previously there has been a shift to more sustainable practices to care and preserve the natural environment. Use of more environmentally friendly products and practices all for the love of nature.



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Below are five trends in the lawn care industry to watch in 2019


New Customers With Varying Expectations

Every day new entrants are interested in landscaping their backyards. Therefore a quest for lawn care services. Clients and homeowners have become busier, they look for simple backyard getaways for leisure from their schedules. Customers have become conscious with their environments and are therefore looking for sustainable solutions for their lawns. Practices such as recycling of materials, use of organic soils and mulching are few examples that clients are looking for. In this year lawn business owners look out for the changing customer expectations.


Technology And Equipment

Integrating new technology and efficient equipment will help the Lawn care business. This is through increased productivity and efficiency. These include using equipment that is faster for fertilization, weeding and pest control. Technology in terms of communication and feedback. Use of software and automation systems for orders, invoicing and payments.


Use Of Social Media

New trends such as the use of social media make it easy for lawn service providers to connect with clients. New ways of sharing information using various platforms of social media can enable business owners to reach masses. This creates feedback systems from the customers within a short time.

Social media has an impact on the marketing activities of the lawn care business as well as monitoring the business competitors. Various platforms can be used to advertise products and services. Business owners, therefore, need to look out for opportunities here and increase their online presence by creating websites and blogging.


Low Maintenance Systems

Garden designs that are low in terms of maintenance are becoming popular. Investing in systems that are simple and manageable is rewarding. Automated Irrigation systems are used for efficient watering. Choose plants that are easy to maintain especially ones requiring perennial pruning and simple management. Use materials of good quality that don’t require frequent repairs and constant cleaning.

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Increased Growth

There is predicted growth in the lawn care business in 2019. Many homeowners and institutions have increased demand for landscaping their premises. Private institutions, as well as government, have invested in landscaping to improve their appearances and increase their value. Lawn care business owners need to look out and position themselves to incorporate the changes. For example, large construction sites require special equipment and skilled labor force. Investing in such equipment and the need for planned labor requirements is necessary.


To keep up with the current and upcoming trends, businesses need to take time to plan. They also require regular tracking, studying the customers behavior, their competitors and making the necessary changes. Always keep learning to stay at the niche of industry trends. These trends show the current lifestyles, behaviors, and innovations around the lawn care industry.

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